I am writing this on my flight from Toronto to Amsterdam. A great moment to reflect on my first four months in this beautiful city which is also known as the Six.

In the last week of January the call came for my friend and business partner Gregory van der Wiel with the question if he wanted to join the mighty Toronto FC. After that call he told me and right away we knew, I need to make the jump to. That same day I decided that if it was possible, I was going to move to Toronto. Fulfilling my dream for the second time, living and working in North-America. First Los Angeles, now Toronto.

Now looking back, both me and Gregory, are very happy with the decision that we made so fast. Toronto has proven to be an amazing and very interesting city. It is alive, it is growing and it is different. The creative industry is massive. The music industry took over the planet with artists like Drake, The Weeknd, Tory Lanez, DVSN and more coming up. The sports industry is booming with NBA’s Easter Conference champion the Toronto Raptors, an always sold out ice hockey team Maple Leafs and of course our very own, MLS champions, Toronto FC.

After these four months we know that we are able to fit in these industries and that we have the ability to bring something different. Gregory and I learned a lot, experienced even more and know now what we are going to do to take our spot in this industry. We are in process of finalizing our new ideas, getting them on paper. With those initiatives we are going to expand our company Block Party in North America. I can’t wait to present them to our new network. In addition, we are planning to launch a new company with whom we will heavily focus on branding. But branding different than everyone else because, as said, we have a different vision.

I am going home to celebrate something beautiful and that is the fact that my little brother is getting married. To catch up with our awesome investment companies and of course friends and most importantly family. But to be honest I can not wait to get back to Toronto and start executing our plans and share the results with you.

We will talk again, very soon!


Creative strategist. Enthusiast. Traveler. Hustler. Creator. www.funsjacobs.com

Creative strategist. Enthusiast. Traveler. Hustler. Creator. www.funsjacobs.com